• Are you making the most out of your school facilities?
  • Would you like to receive additional income for your school?
  • Would you like to have the booking, staffing, payments all organised for you , hassle free with no costs?

A win-win opportunity

Schools are at the heart of the community and play an important role in bringing people together.  In most cases, this positive impact is provided during school opening times.  There is an opportunity for schools to play a wider benefit to their local communities by opening the school gates past the normal school day.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of capacity, costs, previous negative experience or a lack of know how; many schools miss out on the opportunity to increase the school budget and have a wider community impact.

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to partner with PESH Facility Letting Hub?

None, due to the profit share partner agreement we set up with the school.

What type of services are on offer?

We will manage the bookings, marketing, take payments, undertake keyholder duties and staff the facility when it is in use. A totally hassle free system!

Will we know who is using the facility?

Yes, all bookings are shared with the school in advance and can be seen on the school dashboard.

What if the school require the facilities?

The school always takes priority.

Who is responsible for safeguarding during letting hours?

The site team will be responsible for safeguarding. All our staff receive industry recognised safeguarding and prevent training and have enhanced DBS certificates.

Who is responsible for First Aid during letting hours?

Organisations using the facilities complete a pre booking agreement to cover insurance, safeguarding contact and nominated first aiders. In addition to this, all site staff are first aid trained and appropriate first aid kit is provided on site.

What income does the school receive for the letting?

A financial agreement is put in place where profit is shared. Through the school dashboard you will be able to track the bookings and income.

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