PE & Sports Hub runs Olympic rings round rivals !

1st June 2016

PE & Sports Hub has formed an exciting new partnership to introduce Olympic class swimming and gymnastics expertise to schools across Greater Manchester.

PE & Sports Hub has created the opportunity to strengthen its physical education and dance offer through association with the Becky Adlington Swim Stars and Beth Tweddle Total Gymnastics programmes.

Dan Newall of PE & Sports Hub says “We are proud of this unique collaboration with two of the best known British Olympians which will allow us to expand our offer to schools as part of a new package. Since retiring from competition after London 2012, both Becky and Beth have dedicated themselves to ‘giving something back’ to the sports which gave them so much. Tens of thousands of young people have already been inspired to take part in their personal Learn to Swim and gymnastics programmes and, in an Olympic year, the opportunity for schools to be involved with such icons is something they won’t want to miss “

The partnership will see both organisations working together to provide high quality swimming and gymnastics to the partner schools of PE & Sports Hub, recognised specialists in delivering physical education.

Chris Pearce , Business Development Manager for Total Gymnastics Academies believes the collaboration fills a gap that many schools will welcome “Our programmes are growing every day, and our research tells us that most schools are still in need of quality gymnastics provision to support their overall PE offer. On the swimming front, almost half of children leave primary school unable to swim the national curriculum requirement of 25 metres. Working with PE & Sports Hub and their partner schools we will do our best to reduce this worrying statistic.”